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I am on a journey, a life-long journey filled with hills, valleys, twists, turns, surprises, and tragedies. Sometimes I walk along a plateau and everything seems easy, and then suddenly, it isn’t. But along my journey, I have discovered that there is great joy in knowing the heights and depths of this life. I have experienced success, failure, waiting, birth, death, boredom, and excitement. For too long, I have been fearful of who I am, of having a voice, of making an impact in the world. But deep within my soul, I believe there is hope for me and others. Hope for goodness and healing; for overcoming heartbreak, addictions, and setbacks; and most importantly, for good triumphing over evil. I desire to feed a flame of hope that will grow and strengthen with the help of others. My mission is to write about finding my true, authentic self and to help others do the same.

I hope you find encouragement here and are inspired to spread hope to others. May it be well with your soul.

“What matters is not the accomplishments you achieve; what matters is the person you become.”  Dallas Willard  


  1. This is great Molly! I hope to read more from you soon. Keep it up!

  2. Molly, beautiful reminder. Looking forward to future posts.

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